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White egrets on the Potomac River (Photograph by Jonathan Foust)

White egrets on the Potomac River (Photograph by Jonathan Foust)

“The magic of paying attention is we get to see not only what’s there but how we’re holding it.” Jonathan Foust

Inspiring interview by Jared Gottlieb with meditation teacher and photographer Jonathan Foust including five suggestions to bring greater awareness and appreciation to life’s wonder through mindful use of our cameras. Thanks Jared!

  • Limit yourself to three photos a day for 30 days to help heighten your awareness to the present moment and “welcome whatever states of mind arise.”
  • When reviewing photos focus on what worked rather than what didn’t (good idea for life in general too!)
  • Reflect on why you take photos and what stories you’re trying to tell/share.
  • When you take a great photo, say aloud how good it feels to experience it all.
  • Challenge yourself to see in a different way whether or not you have a camera in hand.

Source: The Art of Mindful Photography posted by Jared Gottlieb of National Geographic in Travel Shots

Do It! Today is your lucky day!

“Forget mistakes. Forget failures. Forget everything except what you’re going to do now and do it. Today is your lucky day.” ~ Will Durant

 “This present moment, in other words, is made of a whole lot of pasts.”

“And you can’t dismiss this “over-lapping pasts making the present” thing as some kind of astronomy weirdness. Nope, it’s the fabric of everything you experience. When you look at a mountain peak 30 kilometers away you see it not as it exists now but as it existed a 1/10,000 of a second ago. The light fixture three meters above your head is seen not as it exists now but as it was a hundred millionth of a second ago. Gazing into your child’s eyes you see her not for who they are now but for who they were a 10-billionth of a second in the past.” ~ Adam Frank


Through Your Leaves Breathe Out the Sky | Words by Daniel Beaudry, photo by Mary Marcdante

Presence: "Turn off, tune up, drop in" while exercising -  photo by Mary Marcdante

Finding and feeling the incredible power of presence in the middle of a run, walk, or hike, especially in nature, seems like it should be a no-brainer. You’re gliding along in the moment, even in the midst of aches and pains, appreciating the beauty, soaking in the joy of moving your body. Or are you?

If you’re attached to listening to your iPod or portable music listening device while you’re exercising, think again according to Sage Rountree, yoga teacher and sports endurance coach. Sage’s suggestion to do the opposite of counterculture icon Timothy Leary’s mantra “Turn on, tune in, drop out” and instead “Turn off, tune up, drop in” is a much healthier and safer alternative.

Moms pushing buggies up Torrey Pines hill
Easier said than done for me. Maybe for you too? My drug of choice is walking the trails and beach at Torrey Pines State Reserve. If I’m by myself I’m usually listening to a spiritual or inspirational self-help audio book or music to get myself up the 45 degree angle hill while watching others stroll or run up the road. On my next walk I’m following Sage’s advice. Stay tuned for what I discover and let me know what your experience has been in the comment box below.

Here’s Sage’s suggestion for “Dropping In” — a great way to maximize the power of Presence.

“Dropping in is the ultimate association. It’s bringing your awareness and attention to what you are experiencing in the immediate moment. Do you feel intensity? Where? Go right to that place — drop your focus into it. Is there pain in your body? Can you investigate that and watch it as it shifts, growing stronger or lessening? When you are tempted to quit — to drop out — try instead embracing the experience in all its messy intensity. Drop in.”

Read more at Mental Tips: Turn Off, Tune Up, Drop In – Competitor Running by yoga teacher and sports endurance coach Sage Rountree.

"You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop." Rumi -

“You are not a drop in the ocean.
You are the entire ocean, in a drop.”
~ Rumi ~


“If there is one lesson I have to say I’ve learned during my time on this planet it is this: the number one thing all people crave is to be seen and to be heard. It’s just that simple. The gift of paying attention is a fundamental key to transforming our relationships. You will be suprised at how miraculous your relationships become when you just start paying attention.” ~Oprah Winfrey, Day 13, Miraculous Relationships 21-Day Meditation Challenge

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