Welcome to Presence Path. Presence Path is a way of experiencing less stress and more life…now. It is about meeting the moment and whatever it presents with curiosity and an open heart. It is about listening for your Creative Call and consciously choosing to follow that call where it leads. It is about welcoming your journey and finding your way home to yourself.

Presence Path’s mission is designed around seven steps:

  1. Notice. What are you experiencing in your body and surroundings?
  2. Feel. What emotions are moving through you?
  3. Thank. Who and what are you grateful for?
  4. Create. How will you radiate your aliveness?
  5. Connect. Who and what will you share yourself with?
  6. Smile. How can you lighten your energy?
  7. Act. What choices will you make now to stay present to yourself and Life? As Life’s energy moves through you, how will you greet, as philosopher Frederic Buechner so eloquently writes, “the place where your deep gladness meets the world’s greatest hunger?

Practice these seven steps every day and you’ll not only inspire yourself, you’ll experience the beauty and magic of Presence within you and around you and create a path for others to join you.

PresencePath.com is also a website and business that offers inspiring ideas, coaching, consulting, programs, retreats, photography, books, audio programs, resources, and gifts to support your creative process and journey to greater awareness and connection to yourself and your life.

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