Take a timeout to bring yourself back to Presence. Photo of Torrey Pines path by Mary Marcdante

When you can’t think straight because something happened that caused you to lose your sense of Presence and you’re feeling a strong negative emotion, give yourself  a timeout. It’s not just a good idea for children. Make space and time for the feelings to move through you and do nothing.

Yoga expert Tara Stiles shares a five step process for letting go of blame when things or people go wrong. The third step is particularly relevant  and one that most people have a difficult time stepping into but when they do, find the peace and fullness of Presence.

  • 3, Take a moment, an hour, a day, a few days to do nothing. You’re feeling a lot and it’s time to cool off. Allow space and time for your emotions to settle so you can begin to see a clear path to dealing with yourself and the situation.

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