Is voicing a new vision publicly as challenging for you as it is for me? I mostly worry what others (you) will think. I wonder if I’ve got “it” right. I over-analyze. I collect more information.  I edit and re-edit. I procrastinate. The end result is that my vision ends up stuck in my head while my body, heart, soul, and spirit long to experience this dreamworld in all its glory in real time.

So today, walking the path of presence, for me, is to 1) recognize that this self-limiting behavior serves no one, 2) call on courage to walk with me and 3) take the next step into this vision of exploring the meaning of Presence in my life and publish this post.

Today I will keep this core Presence Path principle in mind: trust myself and Life to lead me to the fullest expression of myself for the greatest good of the Earth.

What about you? What vision are you holding that walking the path of presence will help you bring to Life?